— SOLD — 

January 2020

My third experimental aircraft build, I began this Van’s Aircraft RV-12iS project in late 2018. It is kit #121151. Due to changes in both my employment path and my retirement plans I’ve elected to discontinue the project at this point and offer the partially completed project for sale.

I live near Everett, WA and have purchased the first three kits in the project: empennage/tailcone kit, wing kit, and fuselage kit. All of the kits have options from Van’s which are detailed below. I have completely unpacked all three kits and have no interest in attempting to repack them for shipment. Therefore I offer the kit for sale on a “you must pick it up” basis. Though I intended to build this kit as an E-AB I have made no customizations yet which would preclude you from completing it as an SLSA. See this page for info on the difference in the two certification categories.

If you’ve been considering an RV-12iS project and have the means to transport it then this could be an excellent opportunity to enjoy a nice savings and get a head start with the emp/tailcone now finished. I also have some tools and other related materials needed for the build that I’m willing to discuss with a prospective buyer. 

KITS & options 
Stabilator Fairings Kit$160
Wing Kit$6,750
Lighting Kit$1,650
Dual Landing Light Kit$345
Fuselage Kit$6,425
Prefab Fuel Tank$600
iS engine option$50

I am offering the above kits for sale for $15,000. Note that if you bought them new from Van’s you’d need to pay crating charges, freight, and sales tax depending on where you live.

I’ve found this project to be very rewarding and if the RV-12iS fits your intended use I highly recommend it, my impressions and experience with the kit so far are documented on the pages of this web site, please feel free to take a look.

If you are interested please click HERE to send me an email and let’s talk.

Order submitted
Construction begins!

Intended for current builders and owners as well as those considering building, this site chronicles the construction and operation of my Van’s Aircraft RV-12-iS kit aircraft. My third experimental aircraft build, I began the RV-12iS in late 2018. My intent with this site is to document various aspects of the build, then continue with information on both operation and maintenance. I hope you find it useful!

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