Welcome to romeolima.com, my personal domain. The meaning of the domain name is simply my initials, RL for Randy Lervold, in the NATO phonetic alphabet. This phonetic alphabet is used in aviation when communicating letters over the radio to/from air traffic control. I’m a pilot and so know the alphabet well, but mostly I just couldn’t think of a better name for a personal domain. 😉

I may put various links or blogs on this page from time to time, but primarily it will be a home page for navigating to other sites I’ve put up for various projects or topics. Below are my current sites.

  • rv12driver.com — construction and operation of an RV-12iS by Van’s Aircraft, my current project
  • rv-3.com — construction and operation of an RV-3B by Van’s Aircraft
  • rv-8.com — construction and operation of an RV-8 by Van’s Aircraft